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A Little Bit About Me

From a very young age, I sensed that something about me was a little bit different.

I was reared in a smallish Southern town, youngest of three precocious children in a family that had high expectations for our achievements. I was sensitive to the energies that flew around our busy home. Often I escaped the busy-ness to go outside to dig in the dirt, collect bugs and worms, or climb up the ancient magnolia tree and sit quietly with a book for hours.

I now realize I was sensitive to all energy. I cried at movies and commercials; I wept the winter the pond froze over and the goldfish were trapped in ice; I grieved the loss of the series of Siamese cats that raised me. Nobody in our family of overachievers had much patience for such nonsense, so I tucked those emotions away and turned my soft heart to other tasks.

I pursued my education, friendships, marriage, and businesses. I was the person with the big ears and strong shoulders who everyone came to for counsel. I would offer great advice, and then wonder where it came from. I spent years cycling in and out of depression, restoring myself with time in nature and with animals. I took in many strays – four black dogs, seven black cats, several humans, and an irritable hedgehog. I gave and gave to all the creatures I love, but hadn’t ever learned to RECEIVE.

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When my husband and I adopted Quentin and his brother Barnabas as puppies, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. They fought each other – a lot. We cried– a lot. One day I heard the words in my head, “QUENTIN IS AFRAID!” and I KNEW that was true. I couldn’t find a trainer locally who worked with reactive dogs, so I went to school and became one.  I attended to my anxieties as I sought to understand his. I began “listening” with my heart for ways to help him. Then I discovered that Quentin was my muse.

I realized HE was helping ME. He was teaching me to trust myself. I followed my gut, and it worked. Then I remembered – when I was a child, before I learned to be ashamed of my sensitivity, I followed my knowing. I decided at that moment to nurture and celebrate my intuition. I am in the constant process of rediscovering myself through my animals and through animal communication.

I look forward to continuing the journey, and I would love to help you learn to listen to the animals who are here to help you on YOUR journey. Along with you, I can grow. You can grow… and your animal can grow. There are so very many things that we can receive. I believe that we can walk that path together.

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